The Top Online Entreprenuers Come Together To Share Ways To Make Money Online

 Share Ways To Make Money Online

The Top Online Entreprenuers Come Together To Share Ways To Make Money Online
As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to pose an uncertain economic future, many are scrambling to adapt to the remote work lifestyle and make money online. But with the gig economy drying up in the wake of the recession and the fierce competition for the gigs that are left, individuals must get creative in learning how to make money online. 

This is something entrepreneurs know well. Rather than seeking jobs to be hired for, these top entrepreneurs have created their own products or services and sold them online. They each share a tip on how to make money and continue to build influence online in spite of global events. Put these tips into action today!

1. Imran Tariq is a verification and reputation expert who strongly recommends working on your social proof. “Prove your reputation to your target customer by contributing to publications and finding other markers of esteemed credibility,” he recommends. “This must be done alongside building a business.

2. Aimee Tariq, holistic health consultant. “Meet clients and customers where they are currently, and seek to empower them by identifying the root cause behind their problems,” Tariq shared. “There’s a strong correlation between holistic health and holistic business: both entail looking at the whole picture.” 

3. Kerri Kasem, CEO of Breakthrough Naturally. “The focus right now is on wellness. There’s nothing like a global health crisis to make us all take stock of our own health. How can you help others in their journey to wellness?” 

4. Roland Frasier. “How can you arbitrage digital assets such as YouTubes with large audiences and Facebook groups with large membership numbers? Consider flipping these digital assets as an easy way to make extra cash.” 

5. Haley Hoffman Smith, Author and Keynote Speaker. “Hunker down and create content that matters – both to you and your target audience,” she noted. “Take this time for genuine creative expression rooted in value to those who need your message most. Who knows what you might create because you finally had the space and stillness to do so!” 

6. Lauren Tickner, founder of Impact School. “Everyone’s on their phones – might as well message those prospects!” Tickner advises. “See how you can help – from a place of wanting to help and exploring if your services are a good fit, rather than sending out cold sales messages.” 

7. Shay Rowbottom, LinkedIn expert. “Turn your focus to producing LinkedIn content and building a following there,” shared Rowbottom. “The average yearly income of a LinkedIn user is significantly higher than on any other social media network – use that fact to your advantage!” 

8. Matt Young, founder of Realpy. “Your number one focus right now should be customer retention. What are their objections to staying with you? How can you offer extra support right now so that they DO stay for the long run?” 

9. Luis Marcelino, CEO of Marcelino “Use any extra time on your hands to build automated systems, so that you’ll be up and running like a well oiled machine when things start to shift back to normal. Those who utilize automation are able to scale much faster.” 

10. Jeremy Miner, 7th Level Communications. “Now is the time to perfect your cold calling and lead generation skills. Practice with other salespeople or take online training to create an organic and foolproof script so you can continue to sell despite the economic uncertainty.”

11. Christine Haas, Publicist. “TV and news channels are looking for experts who can speak to the pandemic and offer help, information, or a unique take on a story,” Haas informed. “How can you bring your message to the spotlight, so you can both get more exposure and offer insights people are looking for? This exposure will often lead to more sales.” 

12. Nathan Chan, founder of Foundr magazine. “It’s never been more important to build relationships. Ask for Zoom calls with acquaintances and make friends out of connections. Relationships will get us through this current economic climate, and serve us well into the future.” 

13. Gretta Rose Van Riel. “If you’re looking for exposure for your product or brand, remember that influencers – micro and macro – are doubling down on content creation and visibility for their audiences while they’re at home,” Van Riel shared. “Explore influencer marketing opportunities to take advantage of that growing trust.” 

14. Cody Neer, Founder of Ecommerce Brand Academy – “Print on Demand is the most effective way to start an ecommerce business for someone new to ecommerce who wants to reach 6 figures a year because there is no cost for inventory till sales are made.” 

15. Kimanzi Constable. “Content, content, content! How can you be creating and churning out more of what your audience is looking for?” Constable asks. “Specifically, create content that will attract more of your target audience. What information and expertise are they looking for?” 

16. Stephanie Burns, founder of Chic-CEO. “This is a great time to build a membership site so you can offer ongoing value to your members at a low price to them,” Burns recommends. “It makes the barrier entry to join low, and you only need to invest a few hours a week creating content and value.” 

17. Desislava Dobreva – “Brands are built through building trust rather than your accomplishments or what you ‘do’ in the world. Take this time to connect authentically with your audience and show them the homebody side of you – who are you when you’re all by yourself?” 

18. Hunter Ballew, founder of Zurvos. “Creating an app that will focus on creating a community that  people want to engage in and bring in their friends to compete and hold one another accountable is one of the most effective ways to generate mouth of word advertising which helps you bring in users to your apps.” 

19. Elizabeth Herrea. “Consider arbitraging products. Buy products in bulk, then create a robust sales funnel and employ other marketing tactics so you can sell at a higher price,” says Herrea. “This is where your talents in advertising and marketing can shine!” 

20. Joseph D Lazukin, founder of Pixel Smarter. “One type of business venture that requires significant upfront work but can show tremendous returns in the long run is building a software,” Lazukin noted. “Take this time to build and create a marketing plan, then launch down the line.” 

21. David Finkel. “As the world turns remote, consider how you play a role in that picture,” advises Finkel. “Turning your business remote – even if you have a large team – will help you create new opportunities. Take advantage of all the technology and resources at your disposal to make that happen.” 

22. Rachel Bell, founder of Online Coach Academy. “Everyone and their mother is on Instagram. This is a great time to rethink your Instagram strategy to offer more value than ever to your followers, and to harness Instagram stories as a sales funnel.” 

23. Gallant Dill. “Beyond videos and podcasts, people are reading more than ever – articles, websites, and sales pages. Is your copywriting up to par? Assess how it converts critically and if it’s missing the mark, hire a copywriter.”  

24. Sohail Khan. “Partner up. Joint ventures are the way to go right now, and always. Pool resources, connections, and brain power to make something great with a business partner.” 

25. Jules Schroeder. “Podcast hosts are creating content around the clock and are looking for people to interview! How can you offer value to podcasts, and advertise your product at the same time? Take advantage of the current surge in podcast recordings to get more exposure.” 

26. Maggie Berghoff. “What can you teach others right now? People like to learn from people who have done what they’re teaching before. If you’ve built a successful business or written a successful book, offer a course or a coaching program that guides others through the same steps.” 

27. Kotton Grammer “Have you ever taken the time to truly learn and then create paid ads? If you haven’t yet, get on board quickly. Ads cost less right now due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, and you need to take advantage of their power. With every business needing to advertise and the skills being pretty constant it is the #1 skill I recommend.” 

28. Heather Crider. “If it feels iffy to sell right now, don’t. Rather, nurture the customers you already have by seeing how else you can support in this trying time. Offer free resources to potential customers, too.” 

29. Colin Yurscin. “See how you can help businesses get funding right now,” Yurschin recommends. “0% credit cards are a greatly underutilized resource to help provide quick funding in the form of credit to businesses who need it.” 

30. Shayla T Locklear. “It’s all in your email list, and attention is currency. Double down your effort on email marketing so you have a direct connection between you and your customers – remember that the moment they open your email, you have their undivided attention. Use it wisely!”

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