Bar code Meaning, Barcode reader meaning and OCR meaning

 OCR(Optical Character Reader Barcode), Bar Code and QR Code working details with core concept

In this blog we will learn some truth behind working of barcode , quick response code.
we all know about computer of course know.
In computer we had leasten about there are some devices used for computer
Input device,
Output device
Some input devices like :

Keyboard: Basically there are of two types one is  wired and another is wireless.
Wireless keyboard functions using Bluetooth so it can be kept at a distance from the
 Monitor and harmful electromagnetic radiation do not affect our eyes.
MOUSE: Basically there are 4 types of mouse
Wired, Wireless, Old mouse and New mouse(optical mouse)
      Come to the point:
      • OCR (optical character reader)- Optical Character Reader are the also input device 
      • that can read the data in optical form. Like BARCODE READER
      • We seen obviously in some product barcodes are given.
      • bar code consist of thin and thick line in black color on white background.
      bar code consist of thin and thick line in black color on white background.
      • To read the data a high intensity LASER light in RED colour wave length falls on barcode.

      • Black line absorb this light and white background reflect  this light.

      • Absorb light marked as “0” zero and reflected light marked as “1” one.

      • And through this process a digital code 0 and 1 is created that can be converted
      • Into massege.

      • This barcode give information about product types, manufacturing date,

      • Price of the products, expiry date etc.  I wish you will understand the working concept of

      • Barcode. Barcode is basically an input data for the bar code reader.
      Now talks about QR CODE
        • QR CODE (Quick response code)
      The QR CODE is based on the same principle as  that we learnt about bar code.

      Quick response code consist of  two dimensional black image on a white background
      With the combination of black and white color digital codes are generated .

      And these digital code are converted into useful information.

      To read the data of Quick response code IR(INFRA RED REDIATION) falls on the Quick
      response code.

      Black line absorbs this light and white background reflect these lights.

      Here also absorb light is marked as “0” and reflected light is marked as “1”.

      The Quick response code has hundred times more information than BAR CODE.

      It is called Quick response code because it doesnot need to type Account and IFSC CODE .

      Quick response code internet is used because data is stored in remote cloud server

       while in BARCODE internet may or may not be required.

      (Thanks to the reader to access such information follow us)

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