How to add Moving text in Blogeer| Scrolling text | LINK with moving text |Marquee text in Blogeer.

 Add HTML code for Moving text in blog or Blogeer| Scrolling text of blogger | LINK with moving text |Marquee text in Blogger or website, blinking text

Today we will discuss the best features of bloggers that make more attractive our websites.

These features can be very useful to give important news or making your blog attractive

Moving text Right to Left

Simple Moving Text:

Live Ex-
Write moving text Right to Left

      How to add moving code in blogger

      1.Login to
      2.Click on Layout
      3.Click on Add element
      5.Paste the code

      To make it more  attractive,we will add background colour, text colour,up and down moving,
       moving speed control,
      to it by bgcolor="hexadecimal code".

      Moving text With Background Colour


      Live Ex-
      This is moving text with Background Colour

      More background code below
      WHITE               #FFFFFF  
      SILVER               #C0C0C0       
      GRAY                  #808080
      BLACK                #000000  
      MAROON            #800000                        
      TEAL                   #008080  
      BLUE                   #0000FF  
      NAVY                   #000080  
      FUCHSIA             #FF00FF         
      PURPLE                #800080         

      Colored moving Text With background color.

      You will notice that text is not clearly readable.

      So,we gonna change the colour of the text.


      Live Ex-
      Colored moving Text With Background Colour

      Moving Bolded Text With background colour

      Live Ex-
      This Is Coloured Scrolling Bolded Text With Background colour

      Moving Text With Speed Contol


      Live EX-
      Moving Text with scrollamount="6"

      Put the value of number from 1 to 10.
      Note: If you put value as 0 text will stop moving.

      Code For Scrolling Text With Direction Control:

      You can change direction of text with direction="option"
      Moving Text with Up Direction
      Moving Text with Down Direction
      Moving Text with Left Direction
      Moving Text with Right Direction
      And options are left,right,up,down


      Live Ex-
      Moving Text with Up Direction
      Note:By default direction is set to left.
      By using direction ,you are telling text in which direction to go.

      Moving Text with Alternate Behavior

      You can change the behaviour of the text also from scrolling to alternate

      Live Ex-
      Text Alternate Behavior
      Note:By Default,behavior is set to scroll. Check the spellings of behaviour ,its behavior

       Moving text with Links


      Live Ex-

      url= page address/ link
      text which should appears on moving text as link
      Place as many links as you wish.

      Moving Image


      Live Ex-

      Moving Image

      Note:Replace image url by image Source address.

      Text Can be Paused.Just Point Mouse Over It


      Live Ex-

      text can be paused.Just Point Mouse Over It.

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