Generation of wireless mobile network? | Difference between 1G,2G,3G,4G, and 5G

In this article we will learn about how mobile and internet generations are being overlapped by another generation Mobile generations are launched by (International Telecom Union). Head Quarter:- Geneva, Switzerland. But the protocol is launched by ISO(International organization of standard) 


     It was based in half Duplex Used analog communication system 
    SMS not possible
    Call waiting not possible 
    Call forwarding not possible
    Digital games not possible 
    Generation of wireless mobile network? | Difference between 1G,2G,3G,4G, and 5G

    1G (First Generation

    It was based on a full-duplex Used Analog communication system 
    SMS not possible 
    Call waiting not possible
    Call forwarding not possible D
    Games not possible 

    2G(Second Generation

    It was based on a full-duplex Used digital communication system 
    SMS possible
     Call waiting possible
     Call forwarding possible
     Digital games possible
     The first time SIM Card was introduced TECHNOLOGY-Circuit switch Network technology was used in 2G SO 2G did not support internet 

     2.5G (2.5 GENERATION)

     It was based on full-duplex Used GPRS TECHNOLOGY(General Packet Radio Service Technology) GPRS uses packet switching So 2.5G support internet 

    2.75G (2.75 GENERATION
    EDGE Technology was introduced EDGE-Enhanced Data for GSM EDUCATION EDGE technology introduced idle time concept in which data migrate to some other user when it is not being used 

     3G (Third Generation) 

    3G was launched on the basis of broadband technology As it promotes e-Governance In 3G, broadband technology W-CDMA W-CDMA (Wideband code division multiple access) W-CDMA used the protocols of CDMA and GSM both 

     3.5G (3.5 Generation
    HSDPA(High-speed downlink packet access technology) Was introduced. It provides higher speed in data receiving 

     3.5G+/H+/3.75G(3.75 GENERATION
    HSPA(High-speed packet access technology) HSPA= HSDPA(high-speed downlink packet access) +HSUPA(high-speed uplink packet access ) It provides higher speed in uplink and downlink both Therefore it becomes popular. 

    4G (Fourth Generation) 

    Speed is 100Mbps(megabit per second) to 1Gbps(Gigabit per second)
     It is based on two technology WiMAX (worldwide interoperability of microwave access)
     Launched by “sprint technology” 
    WiMAX uses a single ground-based static Antena that Provides a speed up to 50Mbps at a frequency of 5 to7.5GHz. 
    At this speed, it could not provide 4G protocol because of its low-speed LTE( Long Term Evaluation)
     Launched by 3GPP(3RD generation partnership project)
     LTE was launched two years later than WIMAX but it could reach Speed up to 100Mbps therefore it was considered as a 4G protocol
    LTE works by paired Network therefore 
    it can provide higher speed 
    LTE can be attached with 3G,3.5G, etc but WIMAX does not have this facility. Another feature of LTE is VOLTE(Voice over long term evaluation)
     In VOLTE voice calls also takes place in the form of data packets Therefore there are no charges for voice calls 

     5G(Fifth Generation)

     speed 1Gbps to 10Gbps it was based on the internet of things(IoT) therefore it should have the least power consumption 
    5G has a maximum number of the antenna because it works MIMO MIMO(Multiple inputs multiple outputs) It means multiple input receiver antenna and multiple-output transmission antenna. 
    Higher is the MIMO more is the voice clarity and internet speed. I
    subsequent generation MIMO increases therefore 5G has the highest MIMO. 
    5G has the lowest latency Latency is the time gap between the actual transfer of data and the command For the data transfer. 
    In subsequent generation, latency decreases, therefore, 5G has the lowest latency. 
    5G has the highest voice clarity, data transfer speed with the least time of connection But at the cost of more antennas.

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