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What is a CCTV CAMERA?

CCTV camera is used for security & surveillance, there are many types of cameras, like analog, digital, IP. Use wiring camera for a short distance, and IP camera for long-distance. Because do not found clear audio, video output, when using wiring camera for long-distance,

Types of CCTV Camera

1. Bullet Camera

2. Dome Camera

3.C-mount camera

4.PTZ camera

    What is a Bullet Camera?

     Bullet cameras are used in security and surveillance systems. Named because it's long and cylindrical in shapes and Bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor use. It is also called a lipstick camera. Bullet camera includes features are IR night vision, high-quality image resolution. It is shielded with a protective casing, These cameras are shielded against rain, dust, and other natural elements. Mounting brackets are easily used to mount cameras.

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    What is a Dome camera?

    Dome cameras are also used in security and surveillance systems. This camera most commonly used for indoor. Named because its in circular, dome shape. Dome camera includes features that are IR night vision, high-quality image resolution, ease of installation. this camera offers assortment fit as a fiddle and edge. A few cameras are stuffed with night vision while others have skillet tilt-zoom highlights and movement sensors. These cameras can be put basically anyplace, from go across streets to parking garages, to somebody's lawn. One enormous selling purpose of arch cameras is their monstrous zone inclusion alternatives. The wide edge of the vault camera gives an expanded survey zone and, if furnished with the best possible sensors, can go about as all-encompassing observation cameras.

    What is a C-mount camera?

    Going with divisible central focuses, C-mount cameras consider essential points of convergence changes to fit different applications. C-mount cameras can cover divisions past 40 ft by virtue of the probability to use exceptional central focuses with these cameras, however, standard CCTV central focuses can simply cover partitions of 35-40 ft.

    cctv camera,how to coonect cctv to mobile phone

    What is a  PTZ camera?

    PTZ camera stands for Pan/tilt/zoom camera. These cameras grant the camera to be moved left or right (panning), to a great extent (slanting), and even grant the point of convergence to be zoomed closer or farther. These cameras are used in conditions where a live watchman or surveillance authority is there working the security structures.

    ALL most recent cameras incorporate LEDs that permit the camera to find in obscurity or low-light circumstances. A proprietor can utilize the recording whenever, as all cameras frequently can impart video signs over the Internet 




    System = WIFI

    IP &PORT =

    ID =Admin (discover it in your DVR client manual)

    PASSWORD=password (discover it in your DVR client manual)

    Simply click on enter or login

    We are finished

    All require setup in CCTV camera

    1.  camera (Bullet/Dome)
    2.  DVR/NVR
    3.  SMPS
    4.  3+1 Wire
    5. BNC Connector
    6.  DC Connector
    7. Hard-disk

    What is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)?

    DVR Stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is an electronic device that record digital output in storage HDD drive, SDD drive, Memory card, or any other networked mass storage. This DVR includes a setup box, with a storage disk to the recording.

    The camera is connected through the wire with DVR, in such cases, the application software used to record video is an integral part of the DVR. Personal computers or any led display are used to watch the video recording.

    DVR is divided by channel. It starting with 4-channel and then 8,16,32 and more channels. That means, in 4-channel, a maximum 4 cameras will have to be used. Similarly in 8,16,32 channels, the maximum camera has to be used 8,16,32.

    Many ports are available on DVR. Audio input ports, audio output ports, VGA ports, HDMI ports, and LAN ports that use the help of connecting an Internet connection and viewing recordings from anywhere.

    What is a NVR?

    A system video recorder (NVR) is a particular PC framework that incorporates a product program that records video in a computerized organization to a plate drive, USB streak drive, SD memory card or different mass stockpiling gadget. An NVR contains no committed video catch equipment. Nonetheless, the product is regularly run on a committed gadget, normally with an implanted working framework. On the other hand, to help uphold expanded usefulness and workableness, standard working frameworks are utilized with standard processors and video the board programming.

    What is a SMPS?

    Switch-mode power supplies (SMPSs) are utilized in the scope of utilizations as a proficient and viable wellspring of intensity. This is an insignificant aspect of their proficiency. For anyone despite everything dealing with a work area, search for the fan yield in the focal handling units (CPU). That is the place the SMPS is.

    SMPS offers preferences regarding size, weight, cost, effectiveness, and by and large execution. These have become an acknowledged piece of hardware contraptions. Essentially, it is a gadget where vitality transformation and guideline is given by power semiconductors that are persistently exchanging "on" and "off" with high recurrence.

    The various types of SMPS:

    DC to DC Converter

    Forward Converter

    Flyback Converter

    Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter

    What is a VGA cables?

    A VGA stands for video graphic array. This cable is used to transfer video signals. It provides interlinking between the computer and the monitor. When the computer is running, the video card transmits to the video signal from the motherboard via VGA cable, which is then displayed on the monitor. Various sizes of VGA cables are available in the market, ranging in size from 1.5 meters to over 30 meters. This cable comes into two colors: black and beige. This cable has an electronic connector with three rows of 15 pins.

    HDMI cables or vga cables

    What is a HDMI cables?

    HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is used to transmit audio & video signal in a single cable. It is supported by the latest audio and video equipment. Such as Blu-ray player, HDTVs,4K television.HDMI cables are often more expensive than VGA cables. This is also supported digital commands, allowing devices to each other. It is also available in Various sizes of VGA cables are available in the market, ranging in size from 1.5 meters to over 30 meters. Both cable easily available in the market or e-commerce websites.


    A hard-disk is important for a unit - frequently called a disk drive, hard drive that stores and gives moderately speedy admittance to a lot of information on an electromagnetically charged surface or set of surfaces. The present PCs ordinarily accompany a hard disk that can contain somewhere in the range of billions to trillions of bytes of capacity.

    A hard disk is really a lot of stacked circles, similar to phonograph records. Each plate has information recorded electromagnetically in concentric circles, or tracks, on the circle. Ahead, like a phonograph arm, however, in a moderately fixed position, composes or peruses the data on the tracks. Two heads, one on each side of a circle, peruse or compose the information as the plate turns. Each peruses or composes activity necessitates that information be found, an activity called a look for.

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