How to remove m=1 from blogger? |Remove m=1 from blog url

 Today we will discuss about how to remove m=1 from the blog URL. Actually, this problem shows on mobile or mobile view.

Let's start to learn 

⏩Open Blogger

⏩Go To the Theme section

⏩Click On Edit HTML 

⏩Press CTRL+F And Find </body>

⏩Paste The Code Given Above. 

⏩Paste That Code Above </body>

Copy Code

</body> Code above

We guide step by step with the help of images.....


Remove m=1-Open Blogger-Go To the Theme section
Open Blogger AND Go To the Theme section

remove m=1 from bloagger
Click on dot

remove m=1-Click On Edit HTML
Click On Edit HTML 


remove m=1-Press CTRL+F And Find </body>
Press CTRL+F And Find </body>

remove m=1-Paste That Code Above </body>
Paste That Code Above </body>



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