Fluid mechanics important objective questions

 In this blog, I am going to share 15 important questions for fluid mechanics

Q1. If there is no spillage of water in force vortex motion then the rise of liquid level at the end is equal to

Ans-fall of liquid level

Q2. What is the height of the parabola in the free vortex?

Ans- (ωR)^2 /2g

Q3. What is vortex motion?

Ans-motion of fluid in a curved path is known as vortex motion

Q4. Equation of forced vortex motion

Ans-V =rω

Q5 what is forced vortex motion

Ans-in forced vortex motion the fluid moves in curved path under the action of external agency that is torque.

Ex. Liquid in a container when rotated, motion of fluid in the impeller of centrifugal pump

Q6. What is free vortex motion

Ans-free vortex motion the fluid moves in a curved path ,not under the the influence of external agency but due to to internal action of of load 

Ex. Flow of fluid in a pipe bend, motion of flood in in the Diffuser of centrifugal pump, whirlpool,wash basin.

Q7. Free water vortex motion is irrotational or rotational

Ans- Irrotational motion

Q8 force vortex motion is rotational or irrotational


Q9. A potential function

Ans-describe the flow, if it is irrotational

Q10. Flow in a pipe takes place from

Ans-higher energy to lower energy

Q11. Velocity at a point in a pipe flow may be measured by installing

Ans--pitot tube at that point

Q12. When the depth of immersion of a plane surface is increased the centre of pressure will

Ans- come closer to centroid

Q13. What is Reynolds number

Ans-It is the ratio of inertia force to viscous force

Q14. The pressure at a point is equal in all direction

Ans-when the fluid is at rest

Q15. An object weighing 100N in air was found to weight 75N in when fully submerged in water then the relative density of the object 


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