Important question for heat engine heat pump refrigerator and reversed carnot cycle

 Some important question for RAC refrigeration and air conditioning.

Q1. What is refrigeration
 Answer- maintaining a place at a lower temperature compared to surrounding.

Q2. What is refrigerants
Ans- the working fluid which circulate throughout the refrigerator equipment is called refrigerant.

Q3. What is refrigeration effecto  cooling effect
Ans- the heat observed from the lower temperature is called refrigeration effect or cooling effect.

Q4. What is heating effect
Ans- the heat rejected at higher temperature is called heating effect.

Q5. What is refrigeration capacity or heating capacity
Ans-the refrigeration effect and heating effect when calculated per unit time is called a refrigeration capacity and heating capacity respectively.

Q6. What is ideal cycle for refrigeration
Ans- reverse Carnot cycle

Q7. What is is carry over performance energy efficiency ratio
Ans- it is the ratio of desired effect to the the work input.

Q8. What process in reversed carnot cycle
Ans- two isentropic and two to isothermal process.

Q9. A carnot refrigerator works with a temperature range -5 degree Celcius to 250 degree Celcius on on which refrigerant carnot cycle has maximum COP
I.R12, II.R717, III.AIR
Ans-all have same COP because carnot cycle is independent of working fluid

Q10. COP of comfort cooling air conditioning is higher than for ice making why
Ans-because ice making require very low temperature but electricity consumption is for domestic air conditioner comes out to be higher than the domestic refrigerator because the total heat removal for air conditioner is very high

Q11. Which one is more efficient among them heat pump  and electric heater
Ans - heat pump

Q12 One ton of refrigeration equal to
Ans- 3.5167kW=211kJ/min =50.4kcal/min

Q13. How much average heat rejected by a human being or human body
Ans 80W to 100W

Q14. 1kWh is equal to
Ans 3600kJ

Q15. What is maximum slope for reverse carnot cycle
Ans- it is the ratio of desired in the to the work input

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