Mass of sun moon Constant of physics of some fundamental and astronomical data

So without wasting time let's move forward 

1. Speed of light (c) is 3x 10^8 m/s

2.Elementry charge(e) 1.6 x10^(-19) C

3. Gravitational constant (G) 6.67x 10^(-11) m^3/s^2-kg

4.Universal Gas constant (R bar) J/mol-K

5.stefan boltzman constant (  σ) 5.67x10^(-8) W/(m2.k2)

6.Electron mass  9.11x 10^(-31) kg

7.proton mass 1.67x10^(-27) kg

8.Ratio of mass of proton to mass of electron 1840

9.Neutron mass 1.68 x 10^(-27) kg

10.Bohr radius 5.29x10^(-11)

11.Rydberg constant 1.10x 10^(7) (1/m)

As we have mentioned only ten important constant of physics but there are so many constant like this.

In next we move to the another important quantity.

Such important distance from Earth

1. Earth to the 3.82x10^8 m

2 Earth to the sun 1.50x10^11 m

3 Earth to the centre of our galaxy 2.2x10^20m

4. Earth to nearest star (proximity centauri)                 4.04x10^16 m

5. To the ease of observable universe ~10^26 m

Some important mass every student must need

To remember

Mass of sun 1.99x10^30kg

Mass of moon 7.36x10^22kg

Earth mass 5.98 x10^24 kg

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