What are the application of computer in various fields

In this post, Today we will talk about the uses of computer in various fields. The use of computer has become essential in our life, without a computer, it is difficult to be the work of human life. They are used in homes, educational institutions, government offices, business industries, entertainment, medical, telecommunications. Following are some examples of computer usage

application of computer in various fields


    Computers are used in many ways in homes. What you call a personal computer. For example: Uses of computer at home to study school, keep personal records, stay connected to the internet, play games, check your bank balance, transfer money online, talk to your relatives sitting far away So to speak, there are many other uses for bill payment and so on that people use according to their needs.

    application of computer in home

    Education Sector:

    Computers are utilized in educating a. Understudies concentrate with the assistance of Computers give online tests. Since the time the appearance of Coronavirus, the utilization of more Computer has become more essential in instructing research. To abstain from congestion in the study hall, youngsters are concentrating from home, in which they Computers are getting more use. Without them it is hard to have correspondence among instructor and understudy. Some computer examples are given:: to perform complex numerical computations, to gain proficiency with a coding language, to keep understudy and instructor participation missing records in the instructing area, to keep educator and understudy monetary records, to lead understudy tests. It is utilized for some different purposes to track results.

    application of computer in education fields

    Government Sector:

    to book train tickets, to keep income tax records, to tell their live status, to make people aware of the government scheme, to give scholarship to students, to create their identity card For people

    application of computer in government fields

    Banks Sector

    Computers are utilized in the financial area to give more noteworthy and quicker comfort to the clients. Through which clients can open their record sitting at home. You can check your money and move money sitting at home. You can see your continuous equilibrium just as complete subtleties of past exchanges.

    Wherever you are sitting in the world, you can buy anything from your bank with the help of Internet Banking, ATM Debit Card, Credit Card. Be it electricity bill of your house, telephone bill, any kind of recharge, you can get the facility of all those services, all this facility is done with the permission of the bank.

    application of computer in bank fields


    Business Sector :

    Computers are used to improve business activities in the field of business. For example, for keeping parole records, billing customers, preparing tax returns, marketing and stock information, nowadays business has progressed in the market, in which the contribution of computers is huge. Want to trade in the world market, with the help of the website we talk about, traders and buyers can buy and send their goods from anywhere.

    application of computer in business fields

    Medical Sector :

    Application of computer in medical field for diagnosis of diseases, for X-ray, for CT scan, for ultrasound, for laser operation, such as for medical response. Computer application is used to check claim level, harmful side effects, expiry date of medicine etc. Computers are used for blood tests and all the tests done in the medical field are done through computers.

    application of computer in Medical fields

    Military Sector :

    Application of computer is very important in military field so to conquer the enemies in front of you requires computerized weapons for high tech killer accuracy. For example, operating smart weapons for control, operating drone weapons, providing military communications, preventing enemy weapons from coming into your territory. to keep track of enemy movements

    application of computer in military fields

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