What is Facebook Marketplace? | How can you buy items from Facebook Marketplace?

Today in this post we will discuss Facebook Marketplace. You will not be ignorant of Facebook Word and from the marketplace itself, it is understood that the place where business is done. The only difference here is that Facebook has launched this feature on its own.

1.What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace. It is a worldwide social network. It is a kind of social advertising platform and it has become like a market now.It is a new online facility that allows users to buy, sell, trade items with other people in their nearby areas.

To access Facebook Marketplace, go to the Facebook app of iOS or Android mobile and you can access the facility by clicking on the Market Place that looks like a shop icon. Or you can also use it by directly opening it in a web browser.

Initially this feature was rolled out to Facebook mobile app users in the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand, then gradually rolled out to many countries.

What is Facebook Marketplace

How can you browse items for Buy?

The Marketplace opens with photos of items that people around us may have listed for sale. To find certain items you like, you can search by tapping the search box portion at the top of your screen and entering your keywords. This marketplace has the facility to filter according to your preferences and budget.

Before buying from this marketplace, try to get the seller's product, seller name and profile photo and their product information thoroughly. Once you've decided that you've got this product for you and you've liked it, you can send the seller an offer on the Marketplace, or choose to offer on the listing. Facebook does not offer payment or delivery on items here..

How to sell stuff in Facebook marketplace?

To sell your item in the Marketplace, tap the Sell button in the Marketplace and take a picture of your product and upload other details of that product such as the product name, its price and the page of your location so that people near, you can see So that product pictures or people around you can manually search for your product and you must remember that Facebook does not offer or pay for any products.

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